Snow pea zombie a Zombotany 2.0 zombie. it shoots frozen peas at your  plants and slows them down.
Snow pea zombie

Snow-Pea Zombie

Almanac entryEdit

Snow-pea Zombie

Snow pea zombie shoots frozen peas at your plant to slow them down.

Snow pea zombie is always cool, they chill out there rivals. every zombie just wants to be as cool a snow-pea zombie but they have a secret: they hate the sun!

speed: high



Snow pea zombie absorbs 11 peas, appearance changes at 5 hits,(when they lose there arm)before dying at 11 hits when there head falls of. 



  • they cant hurt spikeweed,spikerock,sun-shrooms,puff-shrooms and Snowpeater
  • they are not affected by snow peas or winter melons.